Man Watching Static

It really is a much different to experience a movie on the big screen as opposed to watching it at home. I’ve preferred the big screen experience, but I’m pretty frugal and with a single ticket costing upwards of $15 I rarely went. Over a year ago the MoviePass service debuted and for a small […]

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New Years confetti and glasses

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but I was struck by inspiration today thanks to the stock price for my company hitting the highest point in a decade following an analyst raising his price target. I’m not usually very sentimental, especially publicly, but I wanted to take a moment to be a little cheesy and […]

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Soldier Firing Gun

I never intended to mainly review books on my blog, but here I am with blog entry #26 and 40% up until this point have been about books. Last week I saw a bumper sticker that really got me heated that happened to coincide with a book I was reading so I decided to take […]

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Picture of Mt. Rushmore

Pretty much nothing surprises me in politics. It is a dirty game filled with power hungry egomaniacs who want to rule your life. However, sometimes something so stupid happens and I just can’t help but laugh. This week that thing is the DNC filing a civil suit¬†against the Trump campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks for engaging […]

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